Hello! Chef Daniello here...

I would like to start by saying "'let's write the life cookbook together".  Food is conversation, sharing, laughter, friendship and family.  Food, wine, and music from all walks of life bring people together. 

As a Chef, I express myself through cooking...presenting my creations with others who appreciate good food. I have spent long hours in the kitchen and entertaining. Through Share Chef I feel I can reach more food enthusiasts that share my passion.


What can clients expect from Share Chef?   

Impeccable food, service, quality and convenience.  We take care of every aspect of the event...from food, staffing, decorations, bar, entertainment (if requested) and clean up.  A Share Chef event will be an event to remember...truly unique.  Expect your guests to be talking about it for quite some time!

Why Fire Island?

Because that's where the party is!  There is no better place and mix of people, creativity, attitude, energy and diversity.  You've got the beach, music, drinks...and good food is always the star!

What is the best advice you can give an event host?  ​

If Share Chef is running your party, the only advice you need is to sit back and enjoy! However, if you're hosting the holidays or a dinner at your home, the best advice I can give is to resist the temptation to cook something too exotic.  Stick with popular classics and make sure you're aware if any of your guests have dietary restrictions so you can offer an option for them.  Prepare ahead as much as possible so you can play the role of "host" and not just of "cook".  Lastly, it's best that your menu reflects the season.  Not only it is easier to find the

components, but it will also be more well-received by guests.

When did you realize you wanted to be a Chef?

I always loved food, and when I was 16 years old got my first restaurant job. I was told by the chefs I worked with that I had a natural ability, so off to culinary school I went.    

When did you move into private catering?

After years as an Executive Chef I discovered that there was more to cooking than standing behind a stove. I wanted to feed the mind, body, soul and most of all...the heart.  So I started doing private catering on Fire Island where I can really connect to people and give them a great event on all levels.

What is your favorite dish to prepare?

I have created so many dishes and had so many favorites over the years I have lost track.  

I guess my favorite dish is always the next one​.

What is your most popular recipe?

My all-meat crab cakes, Osso Buco and my soups are the most requested.

What sets Share Chef apart from other private catering companies?

I have the ability to listen to my clients, give them undivided attention and read their minds, so to speak, to produce exactly kind the food and event they want!